Find Out How You Can Master Your ACO’s Benchmark for Financial Success

Stephen Nuckolls, CEO of Coastal Carolina Health Care, PA, and its ACO, Coastal Carolina Quality Care, Inc., offered his insights and experiences during his July 19, 2018, webinar:  “How to Master Your ACO’s Benchmark for Financial Success.”

Review the archived webinar:  How to Master Your ACO’s Benchmark for Financial Success (mp4 file; 50 minutes)

During this event, he shared:

  • The importance of benchmarks compared to quality;
  • The MSSP benchmarking process (costs, risk adjustment, regional adjustment, trend);
  • Strategies to improve your benchmark (HCC codes, cost initiatives, impact on trend); and
  • How to compute quarterly performance estimates.

Nuckolls is responsible for the direct management of the 60-provider multi-specialty physician-owned Coastal Carolina Health Care medical practice and its ACO, which is currently in a two-sided risk model.  Prior to helping form Coastal Carolina Quality Care in 1997, he helped guide physicians and integrated hospital organizations in the formation of larger systems.